Free Math Worksheets and other Math Course Ideas

Check the bottom of this page for links to free math worksheets along with practical ideas of how to make math fun. You'll find them organized according to math level or subject.

We use math everday, from recipes to gardening, building, money matters and beyond.

Make Learning Math Practical and Fun

Not everyone enjoys math, so let's make learning math fun.

Try hands on counting, or make something useful by using math.

Make a recipe, than try to double the batch by doubling the recipe amounts. Then taste the results. Did it taste as good as the single batch?

Make a bird house, and practice measuring as you go.

Pretend you're shopping for groceries or toys, and add up the purchases. Label the prices on each object. Make specials of 1 for $0.60, 2 for $1.00, and 3 for $1.65. See who can find the best deal, and know why it's the best deal.

Take these mathematic skills learned through pretend to the market, and see who still finds the best deal. It's one thing to spot the best deal using math, but is that all that matters?

Teach logic with math. For example, which garment is made better and will wash and wear longer? Now which is the better deal?

One product may look like the best deal? But which product tastes better or has more nutritious ingredients? Over time, could the family's taste buds change to like the better deal?

Obviously, math skills don't stand alone. Logic and personal preferences play a role. Try to notice if your family's choices are based on commercials and advertising. Did the product display influence your choice? Are the cheaper products on the bottom or top shelves, with the most expensive at eye level? Ask questions and point this out to your new shoppers.

How about when looking for the family car? One person may look for great gas mileage, another counts the number of passengers that can be carried comfortably, another values safety most, and the overall appearance or resale amount may play a factor. So price is one factor, but each feature is also weighted differently in importance.

With home schooling, math can be taught every day by living. Try to find ways that we can use mathematic principles and formulas in life, and then you might not meet the same resistance in learning math. This may be harder with Calculus, but it can still be done. Someone uses Calculus in their work. Don't they??

Free Math Worksheets and Resources

It's great to have a math book that explains the type of math you're learning or teaching, and that follows up with questions. Some topics come easily to us - others not so easily. So you might feel you still need more practice. The free math worksheet links below, organized according to topic, should help you do just that.

Do you wish you had a real math teacher in the room to explain some of the topics you find hard? You'll find that gives online video instruction from the number line to calculus. And it's free!

Basic Math

Basic, or general, math includes skills like: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, along with fractions, rounding, greater than/less than, counting money and telling time.

With basic math, there's not as much explaining as there is plain memorizing. At first we might count fingers, toes and blocks to help us add or subtract, but in time we just know that 9+6=15 (without using 2 hands and a foot).

Completing worksheets, along with practical use of math throughout the day, helps make the process second nature.

For more information and links, check out free math worksheets and resources for basic or general math.


Here's a website I really enjoy for learning Algebra. Maybe as a parent you're finding math a little more difficult to explain to your child. Here's a free teacher. is a great site. It includes all the chapters of a text book (in pdf format) that includes explanation, exercises, review and tests. But the best part is for each chapter there is a video where the teacher explains the information. Even though I've learned this information many years ago, I really enjoyed listening to his practical explanations where he simplifies harder topics. It is free online, or you can order the hard copy of the book and videos for a price if you like.

The Algebra Help website actually explains algebra with lessons, along with giving worksheets for free.

If you want to generate your own customized worksheets for algebra (also for free), check out The World of Math. Besides algebra, this site also has great math resources of tables, formulas, etc., for general math and Geometry.

Uncle Dan's Algebra is a complete and self-contained Algebra I course at a reasonable price. All the instruction is on the videos, just like having Uncle Dan in your home teaching the class. All the practice problems are in the Workbook, which can be printed from the CD. All the solutions to the problems, quizzes and tests are in the Solution Key, which is also on the CD. You can print pages from the Workbook and Solution Key as you need them.

The good news is you can have the 192 page workbook for free, sent to you by email. After you see the workbook, then decide if you need to have the answer key on CD and/or instruction videos.

Uncle Dan writes: “If you decide to get the videos or even just the CD, or even if you just use the “Workbook””, I'll be only an e-mail away for encouragement and support.”

I think that’s a very kind offer that Uncle Dan makes, and I’m sure we wouldn’t want to take unfair advantage of it. That being said, when compared to a program that leaves you on your own, having a real person that you can communicate with could make this program even more valuable to your family.

The topics covered in Uncle Dan's Algebra I course are: basic operations and solving equations; solving word problems with algebra; coordinate geometry and systems of equations; polynomials; fractions; radicals and roots; quadratic equations; inequalities; calculating square roots; changing repeating decimals to fractions; scientific notation and the distance formula.

Another option for a complete 39 lesson Algebra course is . It offers a complete algebra course; however you don't have the option of a video teacher and email help like Uncle Dan's course.

Geometry gives a 48 lesson, free course in Plane Geometry, along with explanations and practice problems.


The website provides free worksheets and lesson plans for Trigonometry and many other subjects. Free membership grants a great deal of information, and premium membership is also available.

For a free 22 lesson course in Trigonometry, check out

The website also provides information for trigonometry. is an excellent site that includes a unit on basic trigonometry for use with Geometry and algebra students. It includes lesson plans, worksheets, and an interactive website that actually teaches the student about trigonometry.

Lesson 5 gives real life application problems using the trig ratios, while lessons 6 and 7 teach about using the Law of Sines and Cosines to solve non-right triangles.

I highly recommend using the link to the "Interactive Website", in order to learn what you need to complete the lessons and worksheets. Take advantage of the pre-test and post-test to see if you understand it.


I enjoyed the interesting way Calculus was explained with online video at There have many free online courses besides Calculus.

Another fantastic free online resource for learning Calculus is This website has about 200 instructional videos regarding differential, Integral and Multivariable Calculus.

For a free 26 lesson course in Precalculus check out also has a free 15 lesson course in Calculus.

What Level Math For Your Child?

Saxon offers a free resource for testing grade level achievements in math . Go to the bottom of the page, and download the pdf files, or try the online test. The test may give you ideas for math projects you can do in your school room.

Of course, Saxon also offers resources you can pay for to teach math and phonics. However, as of yet, I have not tried any. If you have, please forward your comments, so everyone can benefit from your observations.

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